Upon Turning 80

Mom, thinking 2

photo by Susan Kauffmann

I have found whenever I do something to just be a good person, I get back much more than I ever give. This is exactly what happened when I sent Joseph Tresser some information about vestibular disorders because he suffered with dizziness a few months ago — I know how scary that can be.

Little did I realize how much he would help ME get through a challenging, painful period in my own life. With wisdom and knowledge, encouragement, and a wonderful sense of the ridiculous, Joe helped see me through the long wait for and actual hip replacement surgery. His help has been invaluable.
Joe sent me this and gave me permission to share it with you.


Joseph Tresser

Joseph Tresser

By Joseph Tresser

Having experienced ups and downs

Over many years

On a rapid train through many countries

From revolutions to hurricanes and shaky earthquakes,

I developed a simple formula enriching

‘My Goal in Life’ which states:

‘Live young, have fun, and arrive at your final destination

As late as possible

With a big smile on your face

Because this would mean

That you truly enjoyed the ride.’

You can’t go wrong, especially so

If you have made many good friends

Along the way.


16 thoughts on “Upon Turning 80

  1. Muriel and Joseph are 2 very incitefull people!
    Their wisdom is priceless! This is a cyber match made in Heaven! Love the blog! Love the thoughts! LOVE the wisdom! May Muriel and Joseph”s friendship never end! Keep the blog alive for ever!

  2. I absolutely loved reading this. With age comes wisdom and true beauty. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words with the world.

    And I absolutely LOVE the “My Goal In Life” segment

  3. Make many friends along this windy road of an ageless journey! I aspire to have such a long exciting adventure and am excited to see your journey of fun, curiosity, experimentation, adventure , joy and learning continue for as long as the horizon can be seen in this Route 66 road trip of life we cruise through in this agelesss mustang convertible of an Outlook on things 🙂

  4. Hi Muriel….Thanks so much for publishing my poem. I have made many good friends throughout the years as I mentioned in my poem. But, I must admit that our friendship is special. We never met in person. Yet we were able to “click” like magic. I wish you a speedy recovery and the best of health so that we can continue our friendship for many, many years. You might have to change the name of your blog from VIEWS FROM OVER THE HILL to VIEWS FROM THE TOP OF THE HILL. Fondly, Joe

  5. wonderful! these are such great life goals. Thanking you for sharing and for sharing your “wonderful sense of ridiculous” with all of us fortunate to join the ride with you! xo

  6. What an amazing connection! How beautiful that two people from across the country can help each other so genuinely. Joe, incredible sweet poem! I hope to have the same view of my life, and to have an incredible journey full of love and happiness like you Joe!

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