mom-pic-to-cropI’m a tough old broad. I don’t give up easily and I’ve always wanted to be more technologically knowledgeable. (I dare you say those two words in a row quickly.) I thought I wanted to know how to use Facebook like a lot of other people do. After all, anyone who IS anyone is on Facebook, right? So, once when my son visited, I cornered him to help me and he set me up.

However, all good things come to an end and that was all Rafi had time for on that visit. After he went home, I took advantage of a very patient young friend to become more computer literate and asked him to teach me how to actually use Facebook. He tried. He knew what he was doing. I learned a little. Whatever was I thinking?

At first it was thrilling. I suddenly heard from a few wonderful people out of my

funny worried lady again

How do they know???

distant past whom I hadn’t heard from in years. That was pleasurable, but also a little scary. How did they know so quickly I was on Facebook? I would feel better if I understood more about how these things really work.

There are the many emails I now receive telling me I have 28 or 35 new notifications, or this person and that person want to be my ‘friend’. I don’t know most of them. Why would they want to be my friend? If I didn’t know me would I want to be my friend? And are they even aware that they do? I wonder…. Then, how much time does it take to view 28 or 35 new notifications? And, can I spare all that time?


All those colours and pop ups can make me dizzy.

I also get emails telling me someone or other has posted a new photo. If i know them, I do try to go see them. Sometimes I manage and sometimes I don’t. What I too often find are numerous advertisements, many of which pop up in boxes, and so much dizzy-making colour busyness and confusion that I find myself rapidly withdrawing. It’s a matter of self-preservation. I have a Vestibular Disorder. This kind of moving visual thing can be a trigger for dizziness.

Over all, I’ve discovered, after the initial joy in finding and touching base with treasured old friends again, Facebook can mercilessly gobble up your time as well. Yes, I am retired. Yes, I don’t work anymore. Still, there are things I need to do, or want to do, or find more interesting to do with my free time.

Have you seen my scarf?

This old body of mine demands more attention than it used to.

As an ancient personage, I have discovered everything takes longer than it used to and this old body of mine demands a lot more attention than it used to. So, the question is: Do I really have time for all this?

What is your experience with Facebook? I want to know if you use it and what you think.


21 thoughts on “Facebook?

  1. Loved this post Muriel, and your last one about the pedometer. Hilarious! You clearly speak for many out there. I consider myself technologically knowledgeable (yes, it’s both a tongue and typing finger twister) even though I’m a “digital immigrant” compared to my kids who are “digital natives.” However, I don’t do Facebook much for the same reason you said…who’s got the time? I have a Facebook account but I never post on it…most of my posts are from other people tagging me or my kids in photos, which apparently is a feature you can turn off, but funny enough, I haven’t had the time to do that yet! 😉

  2. As usual, Muriel I found your post to be interesting and full of thought. My experience with Facebook has been somewhat different. About three years ago, I discovered a kitchen table music ‘fanzine’ put out as a teenager had become hot property wit one of the only eight original issues selling for $350 on eBay. Smelling blood, I endeavored to pull together my worn copies to self-publish a compendium, much as I had done with each original issue. I opened a Facebook account and started posting music photographs with humorous captions, also printing up 50 T-shirts and sending them for free to music people and anyone else who wanted one. Within a few months, the Friends started growing and people started sending me photos of them wearing the shirts, some wearing them onstage when performing. I continued to find photos online and post them. About a year into this ‘project’, a record company contacted me offering to publish it as a new entry in their book line. End result is the book has been professionally published, sold out in a week and is now in its second edition. At 67, I have become a minor celebrity in the music biz, having done radio interviews and seeing reviews published in major music magazines. I owe much of this to Facebook.

    Facebook has has kept my occupied, sharpened my mind, honed my meager writing skills and most importantly has helped me survive this past year of hernia surgery and its painful complications, Shingles, pneumonia and advancing Meniere’s symptoms. Granted, the Facebook page was borne of obsession but it has proven to be my saviour. Facebook may be a juvenile concept but it can be a challenge that reaps big rewards for those willing to invest of themselves, find how it can work for them and know exactly what they want from it. It hasn’t been easy, in fact it’s been a hard slog, but I’m so happy to have done it. Most of all, I can now relax a bit but will keep posting until I can no longer do so. I short, FB is what you make of it. The imagination knows no bounds.

  3. I was going to comment on this post, but I was interrupted by a “BING!” sound from Facebook, which was open in another tab. Naturally, I went to see what that was all about, and it was my friend Becky, replying to a Facebook note I had sent her last night. Her reply is no longer relevant, this much time having gone by — I could have gotten her reply much sooner had I just bothered to pick up the phone. Anyway, I am now all kerfuffled and distracted by Facebook — what was I supposed to be talking about here???

  4. Excellent, Muriel! This is thought-provoking and well-written, as usual! I’m not on Facebook, but have noticed that it seems to almost take over people’s lives, at least during the “initial phases” of being a part of the Facebook community. I suppose there are pros and cons to this way of trying to connect with others. Whatever happened to the telephone, and letter-writing, and just plain chatting with friends and neighbours in the real world? (Am I showing my age here?!)

  5. I almost never post anything on FT myself, but I do use it to catch up on what my children, nieces, nephews, God children are up to – often material they would not necessarily impart to me! Does this make me feel like une voyeuse? Yup! But they posted it so they must have wanted me to see it…………
    My few ‘friends’ that do use FT regularily I seriously question what their motivation could possibly be? A need to display their lives to the world? Why?
    And more and more now, FT is used for commercial advertising purposes. So to find entries from people I know, I have to scroll through so much dross that, like you, I don’t wish to allocate my precious time to it.
    You are missing nothing Muriel! Lots of love xx

  6. I find facebook very entertaining. The notifications you need as quickly as possible off, then you get no more emails. When I have time, then I surf through the Facebook pages of my friends. So I feel that I partaker more to their life than without Facebook. I have sent you a friend request!

  7. First of all, it is possible to turn off FB notifications!! It’ll still be a huge time-waster, but not nearly as demanding. 🙂

  8. I love your blog. It is always something I look forward to. Your views on everyday events are fun or informative. This blog was a perfect example. I have one question for you. What is facebook?????

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